Lauren Spencer King

Los Angeles, CA
Photography by Claire Cottrell


Lauren-Spencer-KingLauren-Spencer-Kingdescribe what you do –
artist and meditation teacher

what keeps you inspired –
Art museums in Europe, particularly rooms dedicated to the Rococo period / Materials – every time I have to go buy glass or pigment, get a fancy new brush, sharpen my pencil

a place that you love –
The Pavilion for Japanese Art at LACMA

a book –

“Painting beyond Itself: The Medium in the Post-medium Condition” / “Autobiography of Red” by Anne Carson

a podcast –

On Being’s “Falling Together” with Rebecca Solnit, we need more thinkers and voices like hers in this world. I also love her writing

an artist –

Yvonne Rainer, I recently watched her film “The Man Who Envied Women” (1985). I was blown awaya ritual – I think anything can be ritualized, recently I have been ritualizing my computer work

on spirituality –
when form is effected by the formless, it is something both beyond us, yet within us

“I’m interested in the remarkable and super weird things that nature produces, especially in the mineral and rock world – nature holds incredible power and wisdom.”

“The Diamond Kimono reminds me of my favorite Ad Reinhardt black square painting, with its subtle shifts in color and texture. I love its soft geometry. And somehow the coat seems to have magical powers, as if it’s some kind of amulet for protection. ” /