Serena Mitnik-Miller

Topanga USA
Photography by Claire Cottrell

describe what you do –

Artist / Shop Owner

what keeps you inspired –
I am a little ADD so working on a few projects at once keeps me inspired and I don’t get burnt out on doing too much of one thing

a place that you love –
The State Park in Topanga is incredible. And in San Francisco Ocean Beach is a magical place

a book –
Eva Hesse Diaries

a podcast –
Here’s the thing with Alec Baldwinan artist – It’s hard to keep one but Georgia O’Keefe has been a constant since I was a little girl

a tree / plant –
Right now the acacia trees are blooming. Wild dune grasses are always my fave

a gift from motherhood – Hope for the future and falling in love again. It’s magical

on living close to nature -
Nature is my muse, my love, my constant. I am happiest living in nature which keeps me at peace and inspired to create.

“My first Milena purchase was a bandanna dress which remains one of my favourites to this day. More recently we collaborated on a jacket, I chose the color palette and Milena worked her magic with the rest!”

Serena wears her own Custom Diamond Kimono.